Code of Practice Development

What is the draft Code of Practice?

The National Code of Practice for Managing Fatigue and Shift Work in Hospital-Based Nursing is part of a new collaborative approach to managing fatigue and shift work with hospital-based nurses. It incorporates sector knowledge and experience with the latest science and international best practice in fatigue and shift work management. The goals are to improve:

  1. patient safety and the quality of care in our public hospitals;
  2. the health, safety, quality of life and retention of nurses; and
  3. the efficient and effective use of hospital resources, including both people and financial resources.

The Code of Practice is the product of multi-disciplinary collaboration and broad consultation with stakeholders. We are seeking input and endorsement from organisations across the sector.


Feedback welcomed

This Code is intended to be a living document. We would very much like your input on the initial draft and ongoing feedback will be welcome once the first edition of the Code is released. Your feedback can be directed to and discussion is welcome on our forum.

The period of public consultation on the initial draft is open from Monday 10 December 2018 until Sunday 10 March 2019.

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